Who are we ?

The Society was founded in July 2008. She is member of the Czech Riding association, registered under Nr. 0236.
Adresse: c/o J. Nováček a spol. s r.o., U Malše 20, 370 01 České Budějovice. IČ.2273 5615

Membership in ČJHS is open to active riders and anyone else interested in the aktivities of the society. New members have to be proposed by one member of the board, the board than taking the final decision.
Application, please klik here.

Founding members:

Splinther van Everdingen
Johannes Lobkowicz
Tomáš Krůta
Josef Nováček
Václav Vydra

For 2009/2010 the board consists of:

Frits van Everdingen
Tomáš Krůta
Johannes Lobkowicz
Josef Nováček
Lucie Pilipová
Horst Richter
Jan Vedral
Václav Vydra

  • For 2009/2010 Johannes Lobkowicz was voted president, Tomas Kruta CFO.
  • For 2010/2011  Tomas Kruta was voted president.
  • For 2011/2012 Horst Richter was voted as president
    Tomas Kruta remains CFO and was voted as treasures for 2011/2012.

ČJHS aims to:

Promote Drag Hunting in the Czech Republik, considering that  abroad it is a integral part of the riding sceen.
Organise clinics for cross country riding.
Help people organising Drag Hunts in CZ speek with the necessary officials.

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Weekend of Foxhunting in Czech Republic, April 12 to 14, 2014

We take the liberty of inviting you! Weekend of Foxhunting with the Asbach Foxhounds from Germany.

2014-02-12 Invitation_1.pdf
2014-02-12 Invitation_1-1[1].jpg

Drahence 19. - 21. 10. 2012



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